Kisae Technology Solar Panel for 1800w Home Power System

In today’s world, having a reliable power source is more important than ever. Whether it’s for running essential appliances during a power outage, powering tools and devices in remote locations, or reducing your reliance on the grid, a dependable power system is a must-have. One such solution is the Kisae Technology Solar Panel for 1800w Home Power System. This comprehensive system provides everything you need to deliver power anytime, offering automatic emergency relief during power outages.

A Complete Plug-n-Play Backup Power System

The Kisae HS1800 Home Power System is a complete plug-n-play backup power system that combines several essential components into one smart package. It includes a DC-AC power inverter, a high-capacity lead-acid battery, an AC charger, a solar charge controller, and a transfer switch. Additionally, it comes with all the connectors necessary for a separate solar PV panel. This all-in-one package features everything needed to deliver power anytime, providing automatic emergency relief during power outages.

Key Features of the Kisae HS1800 Home Power System

  • 1800 Watts of Output Power: The system provides 1800 watts of output power, making it suitable for operating small appliances, power tools, and home electronics.
  • Dual Outlet 1800W Inverter and High Capacity, Lead-Acid Battery: The dual outlet 1800W inverter and high-capacity lead-acid battery ensure that you have enough power to run your essential devices.
  • Easily Charged from Utility or Solar PV Panel: The batteries can be easily charged from either utility or a separate solar PV panel, giving you the flexibility to choose the most convenient and cost-effective charging option.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch: The automatic transfer switch shunts between utility and backup power in less than 30ms, ensuring a seamless transition during power outages.
  • Safe for Indoor Use: The system is safe for indoor use with no fuel requirements, making it an environmentally friendly option for your home.
  • Multiple AC Outlets: With multiple AC outlets, you can power several devices at once, making it a versatile solution for your power needs.
  • USB Port for Charging Handheld Devices: The included USB port allows you to charge handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • International Outlet Sockets: The system comes with international outlet sockets available in USA/CAN, UK, EU, AU/NZ, making it suitable for use in different regions.
  • Compact Size for Easy Storage: With its compact size, the system is easy to store and transport, making it a convenient option for both home and on-the-go use.

Additional Benefits

  • Indefinite Battery Recharge Capability: The system has an indefinite battery recharge capability, ensuring that you always have power when you need it.
  • Simple Plug-and-Play System: The simple plug-and-play system makes it easy to set up and use, even for those with limited technical knowledge.
  • Built-in Battery, AC Charger, Solar Charge Controller, and Transfer Switch: Each model contains a built-in battery, AC charger, solar charge controller, and transfer switch, eliminating the need for separate components and simplifying the installation process.
  • Approved to UL, CSA, and CE Regulatory Standards: The system is approved to UL, CSA, and CE regulatory standards, ensuring its safety and reliability.
  • Silent Operation: The system operates silently, making it suitable for use in quiet environments such as residential areas or campsites.
  • Optional Product Accessories: The system can be expanded with optional product accessories such as a 60Ah Battery Box for added capacity, an auxiliary battery connector cable, and an 80W Solar Panel (all sold separately).

Why Choose Kisae Technology?

Kisae Technology is a leading supplier of fresh ideas in power for today’s mobile society. They are an innovative power solutions company, a provider of both quality and consistency, and have expert market knowledge and dedicated experience. Kisae Technology is fast and agile, able to respond quickly to changing needs and conditions, and has a focus on customer service. Additionally, they are an original holder of several patented technologies and product designs.


The Kisae Technology Solar Panel for 1800w Home Power System is a comprehensive and reliable solution for your power needs. With its combination of essential components, key features, and additional benefits, it offers a versatile and convenient option for delivering power anytime and anywhere. Whether you need emergency backup power during outages, a portable power source for remote locations, or a sustainable energy solution for your home, the Kisae HS1800 Home Power System is an excellent choice.

300W Solar Panel

300W Solar Panel * 4 PCS

  • Model:SH-300W Rated Power (Pmax):300W
  • Efficient:18.9%
  • Maximum Excitation Voltage(Vmp):32.2V
  • Maximum Operating Current (Imp):9.32A
  • Open-circuit voltage(Voc):38.8V
  • Short-circuit current(Isc):9.71A
  • Power Tolerance:±3%
  • Maximum System Voltage:1000V
  • Size:1640*990*35MM
  • Weight:18.5kg.<
Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter * 1 Piece

  • Model:1000w/24v
  • Built-in MPPT Controller Model :60A/24v
  • LED+LCD Display
  • 1. High frequency switching technology
  • 2. Multiple protection technology
  • 3. MPPT control technology
  • 4. Battery management technology
Gel Battery

Gel Battery * 2 PCS

  • Model:NPG200-12V200Ah
  • Voltage:DC12V
  • Capacity:200Ah
  • Type:Energy storage batteries
  • Chemical Type:Gel Battery
  • Battery cover and exhaust plug structure: Valve controlled sealed storage battery
  • Status of charge: maintenance-free battery
Solar panel bracket

Solar panel bracket * 1 set

  • Usage: Ground
  • Galvanized steel bracket has good bearing capacity, no deformation, corrosion resistance, no maintenance cost, and can carry 4*300W
  • photovoltaic panels
  • System configuration: 1 bracket for each system
Photovoltaic cable/battery cable

Photovoltaic cable/battery cable*1 set

  • Polyethylene TUV certified 4MM2 red and black 50m copper core photovoltaic outdoor special cable
  • Application of temperature: -40℃~120℃
  • Good resistance to UV, ozone and other compounds
  • Good mechanical structure strength.Effectively waterproof, oil and chemical corrosion proof
MC4 connector

MC4 connector * 1 pair

  • Main Features:
  • 1. Large current and high voltage bearing capacity
  • 2. Good impact resistance
  • 3. Low contact resistance
  • 4. Innovative sealing, waterproof and dustproof design, up to IP67
  • 5. Excellent high and low temperature, waterproof, UV resistance and other properties, suitable for long-term outdoor use.