Free Solar Power System Consultation for Commercial Buildings

Ouyad Solar is excited to offer free solar power system consultations to commercial building owners. This will help you understand the benefits of solar energy and determine if a solar installation is right for your property.

To provide you with an accurate solar assessment, please answer the following questions about your building and energy needs. This information will help us understand your project requirements and recommend the most suitable solar power system.

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Please share any additional details, concerns, or questions you have about going solar. Our experts will review your comments and provide personalized recommendations during your free consultation.
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  • The free solar consultation is an initial assessment only. Detailed system design and formal proposals are provided separately.
  • Requesting a free consultation does not obligate you to purchase a solar power system from Ouyad Solar.
  • The free consultation does not include other services such as energy audits, electrical upgrades, roof repairs, etc. Additional fees may apply for these services if needed.

Top Commercial Solar Power System Components from Ouyad Solar

  • Solar Panels: High-Efficiency Tier 1 Panels
  • Inverters: Ouyad Smart String Inverters
  • Racking: Roof-Mounted Racking System
  • Monitoring: 24/7 Real-Time System Monitoring

Understanding Free Solar Consultations for Commercial Buildings

Free solar consultations have become a popular offering in the commercial solar industry. Solar providers like Ouyad Solar offer these no-obligation assessments to help building owners and managers understand the feasibility and benefits of installing a solar power system on their property.

Benefits of Ouyad Solar’s Free Consultations

Ouyad Solar’s free consultation provides valuable insights without any upfront costs. Our experienced solar professionals will evaluate your building’s solar potential, considering factors like available roof space, shading, energy consumption, and local incentives. We can then provide a high-level cost/benefit analysis and estimated return on investment. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether solar is right for your business.

What to Expect During Ouyad Solar’s Free Consultation

The consultation typically begins with a phone call to gather basic information about your property and energy usage. Our solar consultant may request utility bills, conduct a preliminary satellite roof survey, and check your eligibility for incentives.

Next, an on-site visit is scheduled. The Ouyad Solar consultant will assess your roof condition, take measurements, and note any obstacles or shading issues. They may also evaluate your electrical system to determine if upgrades are needed.

Finally, the consultant will prepare a summary report with their findings and recommendations. This includes a rough system size, estimated energy production and cost savings, and available financing options. They will review this report with you and answer any questions.

Case Studies

Free Solar Power System Consultation for Commercial Buildings

Free Solar Power System Consultation for Commercial Buildings

Many commercial buildings have benefited from starting with Ouyad Solar’s free consultation:

  1. Apex Precision Industries received a free assessment from Ouyad Solar and learned their flat roof could support a 500 kW solar system, offsetting 90% of their energy use. By installing the recommended solar power system, Apex Precision Industries is now saving over $150,000 annually on their electricity bills.
  2. Greenway Shopping Center’s consultation with Ouyad Solar revealed that a solar carport system over their parking lot was more feasible than a rooftop array. The installed 750 kW carport system now provides shade for customer parking while generating clean energy for the shopping center’s common areas and EV charging stations.
  3. Skyline Corporate Plaza’s free evaluation from Ouyad Solar uncovered a local grant program that covered 25% of their solar installation costs. By combining the grant with federal tax incentives and Ouyad Solar’s competitive pricing, Skyline Corporate Plaza was able to install a 1 MW rooftop system with minimal upfront investment. The system is expected to pay for itself in under 5 years and provide significant long-term savings.

These case studies showcase the tangible benefits that real businesses have achieved by taking advantage of Ouyad Solar’s free consultation service and expertise in commercial solar installations.

Next Steps

If the free consultation reveals that your building is a good candidate for solar, the next step is to request a formal proposal from Ouyad Solar with firm pricing and a detailed system design. From there, you can secure financing, sign a contract, and schedule your Ouyad Solar installation.

Remember, Ouyad Solar’s free consultation is a great way to explore your solar options without any risk or obligation. By taking advantage of this service, you can gain the knowledge needed to make a smart, informed decision about your building’s energy future.

To get started, simply complete the request form on the Ouyad Solar website or contact us at [phone/email]. Our team looks forward to helping you harness the power of clean, renewable solar energy!