20w Integrated Solar Street Light

20w Integrated Solar Street Light Supplier

Founded in 2013, Ouyad Solar is a China-based company specializing in integrated solar street lighting solutions. With a strong focus on research and development, Ouyad Solar aims to provide world-class solar power products and services globally. Their expansive range caters to over 50 countries worldwide.

An Overview of Ouyad Solar

As per their official website, Ouyad Solar is committed to delivering top-notch photovoltaic (PV) power plant solutions with an expert R&D team comprising leading professionals across various domains. Their diverse product portfolio includes solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar flood lights, solar lawn lights, and more.

Ouyad Solar contact details are listed below:

Email: service@ouyadsolar.com

Phone: +86-15678870014

With integrated solar street lights being one of their prime offerings, Ouyad Solar provides customizable and innovative solar-powered lighting suited for roads, parking lots, parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. Their integrated solar street light models are highly efficient, durable, and sustainable.

Key Benefits of Choosing Ouyad Solar Integrated Street Lights

Ouyad Solar highlights several advantages to selecting their integrated solar street lights:

  • Customizable wattage and size based on energy needs
  • Smart PIR motion sensor for automated operation
  • Durable and long-lasting with 5+ years lifespan
  • Resilient to tough weather conditions
  • Global delivery to over 50 countries
  • CE, RoHS, and IP65-certified products
  • 24 months warranty on all integrated solar street lights
  • Pre-sales and after-sales support from dedicated staff

By opting for Ouyad Solar’s integrated solar street lights, customers can enjoy customized solar-powered roadway lighting solutions for their specific requirements. Next, let’s explore Ouyad Solar’s 20W integrated solar street light model in further detail.

Ouyad Solar’s 20W Integrated Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:

  • Model: FL-AIO-20W
  • Power: 20W solar panel + 20W LED light
  • Solar panel type: Monocrystalline
  • LED chip brand: Epistar (Taiwan)
  • Light efficiency: 200lm/W
  • Working modes: Motion sensor, dusk to dawn, timer
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + tempered glass
  • IP rating: IP65 waterproof
  • Installation: 5-7 meters pole height
  • Applicable places: Roads, parks, gardens, parking lots
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS

Features and Benefits

Ouyad Solar’s 20W integrated solar street light offers several useful capabilities:

  • 20W high-efficiency solar panel generate ample electricity to power 20W LEDs through the night
  • In-built lithium battery stores surplus energy for overnight usage
  • PIR motion sensor enables automated operation upon detecting movements
  • Dusk to dawn auto switch turns light on at night and off at sunrise
  • timer function facilitates scheduled working hours
  • adjustable panel angle captures maximum sunlight throughout the day
  • Waterproof tempered glass and sturdy aluminum body withstand tough climate conditions
  • 5 years lifespan with 2-year warranty delivers value for money

Customization Options

Ouyad Solar provides extensive customization on their 20W integrated solar street light to match unique project requirements:

  • Custom sizing is available up to 12 meters pole height
  • Multiple mounting types, e.g. side of pole, top of pole
  • Choice of cool white or warm white LED
  • occupancy sensor can be enabled for motion detection
  • Mobile app connectivity for remote monitoring and control
  • Custom printing of logo on LED panel and pole
  • Scene modes: different brightness levels for specific needs

Why choose Ouyad Solar’s 20W Integrated Solar Street Light?

Ouyad Solar’s 20W integrated solar street light offers an economical and eco-friendly roadway lighting solution with automated operation. Some key reasons to choose this solar street light are:

  • Trusted brand with rich industry experience
  • Cost-saving and sustainable over long term
  • Smart features like motion sensor and scheduling
  • Durable product with 5-year lifespan
  • Customizable to unique requirements
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Warranty and support for peace of mind

For customers seeking an energy-efficient integrated solar street light supplier, Ouyad Solar’s 20W model offers a high-performing and customizable lighting solution.

Ouyad Solar’s Solar Street Light Series

In addition to the 20W integrated solar street light, Ouyad Solar provides an extensive range of solar-powered street lights to address varied customer needs.

1. Ouyad Series

The Ouyad Series, released in 2022, offers Ouyad Solar’s latest set of AIO solar street lights with advanced features.

  • Power range: 20W to 150W
  • Highly customizable, including logo printing
  • Smart app and remote monitoring capability
  • Occupancy sensor and multiple dimming modes
  • Sleek, aesthetic design

2. FL Series

Ouyad Solar’s classic FL Series AIO solar street lights are a top-selling product line globally.

  • Power range: 20W to 120W
  • value-for-money integrated solar lighting solution
  • Available in cool white and warm white LED
  • Timer, dusk to dawn, and motion sensor modes
  • Sturdy aluminum body with 5-year lifespan

3. KD Series

The KD Series caters to the high-end market with a premium range of integrated solar street lights.

  • Luxurious finish and aesthetic appeal
  • Advanced customization, e.g. RGB color modes
  • Higher wattage available: 240W
  • Smart app connectivity and remote access
  • Occupancy sensor and multiple dimming modes
  • Launched in 2020 with rich features

By providing varied product lines, Ouyad Solar aims to address diverse solar street lighting needs, from cost-effective 20W models to high-end customizable options. Their solutions are specially engineered to deliver maximum efficiency, automation, and sustainability.

The Bottom Line

For customers seeking an innovative integrated solar street light supplier, Ouyad Solar offers customized roadway lighting solutions with automated smart features and sleek, aesthetic designs. With advanced models like the 20W FL-AIO-20W solar street light, Ouyad Solar provides an economical, eco-friendly, and efficient lighting solution. Their expansive product range, rich industry experience, and excellent service standards make them a leading solar street light manufacturer globally.

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