1.5 Kva Solar Power System

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The 1.5 kva solar power system is an efficient and eco-friendly way to power your home or office. This system is designed to provide enough energy to power medium-sized appliances such as a fridge, LED TVs, stereo set, standing fan, LED bulbs, laptops, and phones. It includes a 1.5 kva pure sine wave inverter, two 100AH solar batteries, two 320W premium solar panels, and a 40A charge controller. The system also comes with installation materials and a one-year free repairs warranty. Ouyad Solar Ltd, a trusted solar and renewable energy company in Nigeria, offers this system at a discounted price of ₦690,000.00, down from ₦750,000.00.

Package Specification

The 1.5 kva solar power system includes the following components:

  • 1.5 kva Pure Sine Wave Inverter: This inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used by your appliances.
  • 2x 100AH Solar Batteries: These batteries store the solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during cloudy periods.
  • 2x 320W Premium Solar Panels: These solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into DC electricity.
  • 40A Charge Controller: This device regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels to the batteries, preventing overcharging and ensuring the batteries are charged efficiently.

Package Power Capacity

The 1.5 kva solar power system has the capacity to power the following appliances:

  • Medium size fridge
  • 2x LED TVs
  • Stereo set
  • Standing fan
  • LED bulbs
  • Laptops
  • Phones

The system can be adjusted to meet your power needs or your budget. The make of products shown in the picture could be replaced with other high-quality products. For more information, please contact Ouyad Solar Ltd using the contact us form on their website or via Whatsapp at 08160988099.

Our Warranty

Ouyad Solar Ltd warrants that the products and installation are of high quality and free of defect. They will repair or replace free of charge any product or parts of the product proving defective within the next one (1) year from the date of installation. Please handle the system with care. Ouyad Solar Ltd will not be responsible for failures caused by misuse, carelessness, overload, or sabotage.


Investing in a 1.5 kva solar power system is a smart and eco-friendly way to power your home or office. With the capacity to power medium-sized appliances, this system is suitable for most households and small offices. The one-year free repairs warranty offered by Ouyad Solar Ltd ensures that you can invest with confidence, knowing that you are getting a high-quality product backed by excellent customer service. Contact Ouyad Solar Ltd today to get started on your journey towards clean, renewable energy.

300W Solar Panel

300W Solar Panel * 4 PCS

  • Model:SH-300W Rated Power (Pmax):300W
  • Efficient:18.9%
  • Maximum Excitation Voltage(Vmp):32.2V
  • Maximum Operating Current (Imp):9.32A
  • Open-circuit voltage(Voc):38.8V
  • Short-circuit current(Isc):9.71A
  • Power Tolerance:±3%
  • Maximum System Voltage:1000V
  • Size:1640*990*35MM
  • Weight:18.5kg.<
Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter * 1 Piece

  • Model:1000w/24v
  • Built-in MPPT Controller Model :60A/24v
  • LED+LCD Display
  • 1. High frequency switching technology
  • 2. Multiple protection technology
  • 3. MPPT control technology
  • 4. Battery management technology
Gel Battery

Gel Battery * 2 PCS

  • Model:NPG200-12V200Ah
  • Voltage:DC12V
  • Capacity:200Ah
  • Type:Energy storage batteries
  • Chemical Type:Gel Battery
  • Battery cover and exhaust plug structure: Valve controlled sealed storage battery
  • Status of charge: maintenance-free battery
Solar panel bracket

Solar panel bracket * 1 set

  • Usage: Ground
  • Galvanized steel bracket has good bearing capacity, no deformation, corrosion resistance, no maintenance cost, and can carry 4*300W
  • photovoltaic panels
  • System configuration: 1 bracket for each system
Photovoltaic cable/battery cable

Photovoltaic cable/battery cable*1 set

  • Polyethylene TUV certified 4MM2 red and black 50m copper core photovoltaic outdoor special cable
  • Application of temperature: -40℃~120℃
  • Good resistance to UV, ozone and other compounds
  • Good mechanical structure strength.Effectively waterproof, oil and chemical corrosion proof
MC4 connector

MC4 connector * 1 pair

  • Main Features:
  • 1. Large current and high voltage bearing capacity
  • 2. Good impact resistance
  • 3. Low contact resistance
  • 4. Innovative sealing, waterproof and dustproof design, up to IP67
  • 5. Excellent high and low temperature, waterproof, UV resistance and other properties, suitable for long-term outdoor use.